The History

Valaduta used to belong to Ravanichi estate. The famous family Gastold were the first known owners of Ravanichi since XVI century, later it was state property and was owned by a number of prominent families of Grand Dutchly of Lithuania including Oginsky – the family of prominent composer Michał Kleofas Ogiński. The biggest development of the estate was done by Slotvinsky family after they have purchased it in 1789.

In the early XIX Slotvinsky family has built the elegant classic style palace and rumors say that they funded the construction with the gold he found in Berezina river after Napoleon defeat.

The Name

A few versions of the name origins exist.
1. From Belarusian word “Valodat” – “to own”. The second name of the village “Boyary” means “Land-Lords” contributes to that version, as free farmers who owned their land and did military service used to live there. For most of the time the village had double name Valaduta-Boyary, although after communist revolution any reference to land ownership was deleted so only Valaduta remained.
2. From words “Val” and “dut” which is literally “hill” and “wind”. Indeed the place is located in the open land with lots of winds which can be easily noticed today.
3. From Latvian word “valoda“ – “language”. Perhaps people that used to live there in the middle ages were of Baltic origins and spoke their own language.

The Brewery

Slatvinsky family owned 3 distilleries and the first one was constructed in the main estate Ravanichi and first whiten notice dates back to 1861. The 3rd distillery Valaduta was opened in 1898. The family owned production until nationalization in 1917. During Soviet times the Ravanichi distillery has continued production and produces up till today which makes it one of the oldest running spirits production in Belarus.
Production in Valaduta was stopped due to heavy damage of the equipment during First World War as it was a German army fire point. Later the building was used as grain warehouse. In the 1970s the state farming company tried to convert it into cattle breed farm with new farm being build nearby however this never materialized, the building was abandoned.


Full historical reconstruction plan is being developed now. We have searched the land with metal detector and found dozens of historical items: bullets and cartridges from the First World War, construction tools etc. We collect all original bricks and materials that are spread all around.


We will start construction of the new brewery building in Valaduta in mid 2018. Beers will be produced with original ground water which is very light and soft according to chemical research we have done. No surprise that businessmen of the past built breweries and distilleries right on the sites where the water was the best. Valaduta is located right on the border of Black-Baltic sea basins water split, thus rain water has not time go long underground way and accumulate salts and minerals.
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